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Paladin Ketchup


One of the largest global producers of tomatoes could only create a ketchup out of this world. Taste this ketchup, taste Portugal. The secret of Paladin ketchup is in the perfect match between the ripest and full flavoured tomatoes with a hint of spices… Enjoy! Taste your food. Flavour your life! Bringing the flavours of life through constant innovation

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Obtaining the fruits of one’s labour requires hard work but the founder of Paladin, Carlos Gonçalves, strives to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Focusing on the goal of making Paladin the creative benchmark of brands all over the world, the company strives to produce products that the Portuguese community can identify with. As a result, Paladin has been a success both in the local market and abroad.

In the words of Carlos Gonçalves, ""We are permanently seeking something different, something innovative, whether it’s in the product, in the packaging or in the combination of flavours and aromas."""

Store in the original package, in a cool and dry place, away from direct light.


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