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Panidor Homemade Moments Chocolate Moelleux (Lava) 960g


Frozen Homemade Moments Chocolate Moelleux (Lava)

Chocolate (27%) [sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (E322 (soya)), natural extract of vanilla, pasteurized egg. butter (pasteurized cream, lactic starters), wheat four T55, sugar, almond flour. yeast (raising agent (E450. E500), antiaggiomerant (E170) wheat four.]

May contain traces of sesame seeds and peanuts.

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Built in 1994, Panidor originates from a family company with decades of experience in the manufacturing of traditional bakery and pastry products. Panidor's technological innovation in manufacturing processes combines over 30 years of experience and mastery of the artisanal manufacturing methods, making them one of the pioneer companies in Portugal in the production of deep-frozen baked goods.

We put the best of us in each product. We have an industrial production but our commitment is that the result is equivalent to a rustic and handmade product. Our bakery products have the added particularity of being baked in a stone base oven giving them the rusticity and unique flavours.

Keep Frozen at -18 °C. Once the defrosting process has started, do not re-freeze. Consume within 24 hours after preparation.

Remove the form with the product still frozen. Thaw 40 minutes at room temperature, or thaw for 90 mins at 4°C.


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