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Quinas Briosa Marzen Craft Beer 500ml


Briosa Marzen Craft Beer

Tasting notes:
Cereals flavours. Pronounced body with caramel notes. The final bitterness in the mouth balances with the body and high alcoholic degree.

Barley Malt, Hops, Water And Yeast


Country of Origin:


Dense beer with a pronounced body and slightly sweet flavours. The final bitterness in the mouth balances with the body and the high alcoholic degree. Coffee flavours from roasted malt. Malt flavor and pronounced final bitterness. Clear and persistent foam.

QUINAS emerges as a way to spread Portugal to the world and to promote the spirit of conquest that Portugal has in its DNA.
Its name invokes our origins, our discoveries, the flavor of the conquest and the strength that represents our country.
The Beer QUINAS will always be recognized for its high quality, a beer with the most traditional ingredients: water, barley malt, hops and yeast. And more importantly; with Passion, Dedication & Ambition.

Keep chilled at 4º-7ºC

Pairing: Seafood dishes, fish, steaks and sausages.


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