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Ramos Iberian Pork Sliced Pluma 220g 顶级西班牙切片黑猪里脊肉


Frozen Iberian Pork Sliced Pluma:
Perfect ratio of meat and fat.
Feeding – Fattened for 5 months with Acorns and grass.
Pasture Raised – Roam and graze freely and in vast meadows.

Country of Origin:


Since 1982 - RAMOS has demonstrated their Passion and craft for the local tradition of Iberian Pork production. Every production stage is carried out with utmost care to ensure compliance with strict quality control protocol and Ramos' high standards.

Ramos Iberian meats come from our own Iberian pigs raised and fed in fields where the animals can move freely. This natural growth process gives our Iberian meats a unique flavor. These are distinguished by their organoleptic properties and their streaked presence.

Frozen product. Store in the freezer at -18C. After defrosting, dont re-freeze to guarantee the original quality of the product. Incorrect storage may compromise the product. After defrosting, do not re-freeze.


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