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Riberalves Bacalhau Codfish Loins (2s) – Desalted 550g


Frozen Bacalhau Codfish Loins – Desalted:
A prime cut of boneless Northeast Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) with sweet and subtle flavor. Previously desalted and deep-frozen.

Country of Origin:


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Desalted Bacalhau is synonymous with Portuguese Culture Founded in the 1960s, Riberalves is the Market leader of Cured Cod Fish Production Worldwide.

Each year, Riberalves produceds 30,000 tons of codfish, equivalent to 8-10% of all Codfish caught in the World.
Marine Stewardship Council Certified

Frozen product. Store in the freezer at -18C. After defrosting, dont re-freeze to guarantee the original quality of the product. Incorrect storage may compromise the product. After defrosting, do not re-freeze.


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