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Rosedale Ruby Angus Beef Short Rib Bone-in 3 Ribs 150 Days Grain Fed Approx 500g


Frozen Angus Beef Short Rib Bone-in 3 Ribs:
150 Days Grain Fed
Perfectly tender and full of nutritious flavour.
Raised on pristine pastures at our farms in South Eastern Australia.

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Rosedale Ruby is quickly becoming the most respected and trusted brand for pure Australian beef of distinction.

Every cut of Rosedale Ruby A+ premium grade free range beef comes from our herd of young, award winning, prime Angus cattle that are approximately 20 months of age. Completely hormone and chemical free, the cattle are raised on pristine pastures at our farms in South Eastern Australia and then finished for approximately 150 days using our proprietary blend of natural grains and fresh artesian mineral water to ensure the finest flavour, tenderness, marbling and nutrition.

Store in the freezer at -18C. After defrosting, dont re-freeze to guarantee the original quality of the product. Incorrect storage may compromise the product. After defrosting, do not re-freeze.


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