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Char Siew Iberico Pork Jowl


600g Iberico Pork
1000ml water
6 tbsp aromatic Earl Grey Tea
1 tbsp white pepper
6 tbsp white pepper
6 tbsp dark soya sauce
6 tbsp oyster sauce
6 tbsp honey
6 hoisin sauce
4 pinches of salt
6 tbsp of sugar


To make the Char Siew sauce, add Earl Grey tea to 500ml water and boil to a reduction.

Then, add white pepper, dark soya sauce, oyster sauce, honey, Hoisin sauce, salt and sugar to the reduction and mix together until sugar melts.

Sous-vide Iberico pork with half-portion of the sauce for 6 hours. Pan-sear the Iberico pork and glaze with remaining sauce to serve.

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